Introducing the marvellous mallow, our namesake.



It’s that time of year when all of the flowers are looking fabulous and bees are going crazy stocking up their hives.


We have some neighbours at the end of our road who own some fabulous mallow plants in their front garden. They are super hardy and seem to flower all summer. I want one.


Not least because Mallow + White is named after this beautiful plant. I hadn’t realised until today that the Greeks and Romans ate the mallow plant in huge quantities as a vegetable.


Whilst I can’t see that catching on, the mallow has other wonderful properties. The name derives from the Latin Malva which means soft, or capable of softening.


It is a fabulous healing plant, from pimples to varicose veins. It is soothing for inflammations, sores, psoriasis, boils and bites and is very rich in vitamins. A, B, C and E. You can make softening facial tonics from it by boiling the leaves or flowers. It is basically a soothing, healing and softening power house.


At the moment, we use the dried root in our Soothe face mask. It certainly works on my ridiculously super sensitive skin.


When I next run out of vegetables, I might just go and knock on the neighbour’s door and ask for a few leaves to boil.


With love,






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