3 tips to help soothe eczema


National Eczema Week starts today.  As a sufferer of occasional flare ups of eczema, this is a subject close to my heart.  Eczema can be stressful and painful, and sometimes I would give very large amounts of money for somebody to come along and take it magically away.  As far as I can tell, there are no magic cures and each case is different, but here are some drug free tips that might help during a flare-up.

1. Get support.  The National Eczema Society (http://www.eczema.org/) has a lot of information and is dedicated to helping the lives of those with eczema and their carers. It might be worth a peek.  They have a dedicated helpline, as well as a lot of downloadable factsheets on how to help or control eczema.  and useful links to other organisations.

2. Be aware of the effects of temperature.  According to Allergy UK, cold weather is one of the biggest triggers of eczema. Apparently, we’ve just had our summer, although you wouldn’t have known it.  Winter, however, is when you particularly need to protect your skin with rich moisturising creams.  Also the drying effect of central heating is not helpful, and some people recommend a humidifier to help keep moisture in the air.

3. Remove triggers and irritants.  Dust. The bane of my life.  It’s impossible to remove completely, but regular cleaning and hoovering of carpets and furnishings can help remove dust mites. Note to self. Hoover more.

Everyone is different, but various irritants could be lurking in your cleaning products and toiletries.  I would recommend looking for gentle formulations.   The National Eczema Society suggests

“using concentrated, volatile plant extracts (essential oils) and vegetable oils for their therapeutic properties. Some people may find that anti-inflammatory oils help their skin and that the activation of a different sensory pathway (smell) distracts them from scratching and promotes a sense of calm and well-being”

One of the main reasons I started my near-obsessive mixing and making of products was to help soothe my irritated skin. I love every part of researching ingredients, concocting recipes and trialling the end product.  But the bit I love best?  Seeing how these natural products have helped others with sensitive skins, and receiving enthusiastic praise and a loyal band of followers who swear by these products.

The Mallow + White Soothe range of facial oil and face mask have been carefully formulated to help.


The blends are very simply made with 6 ingredient or less, and each ingredient is specifically chosen to help soothe irritated and sensitive skin. I know they help soothe my eczema flare ups. I do hope they are helpful for you too.

With love


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