Anti-ageing or celebrating life?


“Life had engraved such beauty in those lines of age and wisdom”

(Rosslyn Elliott)

I love this quote. It sums up to me how we should look at the faces of elderly people. There is great beauty in laughter lines. There is great poignancy in lines of sorrow. I look at this face and I wonder what stories she could tell me, what experiences she could pass on and what wisdom she could share from all of her years on this earth.

Then I look at my parents, both of whom are in their eighties, and thankfully still alive. I look in their faces, filled with love, and I see great beauty alongside the lines. My mother now has Alzheimers, which is a cruel and tragic disease. But those lines tell stories of her life which she might soon start to forget.  They are beautiful. I love the faces of elderly people. I also love the smooth fresh skin of my young daughters. They both have their place and they both should be equally celebrated.

At Mallow + White, we offer a Revitalise facial oil and Revitalise face mask for mature skin, in other words, people over 40. They are not specifically targeted at the anti-aging market. They contain 100% natural organic ingredients to help nourish, hydrate and add a glow to your skin. They are made to help your skin be as good and healthy as it can be. Laughter lines and all.

Wishing you a life filled with laughter.


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