Why bother with organic?



A customer recently asked me “Do I need to buy organic? Isn’t natural good enough?” I could have reached for my soap box and delivered a long (and quite possibly) tedious rant about the benefits of organic. My lovely customer would have run for the hills.  And who could blame her.

Her question got me thinking. We know organic is meant to be better for us, but do we know specifically why? Here are my three “W”‘s for the wonders of organic.

Firstly, organic products work. A recent study published by the British Journal of Nutrition showed that organic plants are up to a staggering 60 per cent higher in key antioxidants and contain lower levels of toxic heavy metals and pesticides than conventionally grown plants. When using plant oils in products, that has got to be a good thing for your skin.

My second “w” is workers. According to Lou Green, Head of Sustainability at Neal’s Yard Remedies, “organic beauty products are better for workers as no pesticides are used in the growing of the crops. Workers in developing countries often have little or no protective clothing and can be exposed to dangerous chemicals. With organic that’s not the case.”  For me, this is an important difference. I don’t want to feel responsible for any worker being placed in potential danger that could be avoided.

And my final “w” is wildlife. Recent research from the University of Oxford suggests that organic farms have, on average, around a third more species of wildlife and 50% more species of pollinators. To me, this shows how much of a difference we can each make for future generations by supporting organic agriculture and organic beauty.

So, the answer to my lovely customer would be YES! Please buy organic. The products work, they benefit workers and increase wildlife. Win Win Win.


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