What’s so great about powdered face masks?

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“People who search for complicated and expensive remedies generally neglect the most beneficial and simple natural ones.”

Tony de Morais

Mallow + White is all about using the simplicity and power of nature to enhance the beauty of your skin. Simplicity doesn’t have to mean not as good. In fact, it can mean better.

Just take a look at some of the rave reviews we have received for our face masks from well respected independent beauty bloggers. “The best face mask I have ever tried” and “This mask rocks! I love it.”  We’ve also just won a national beauty award for our Restore face mask, which is truly wonderful.  Simplicity really works.

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All of our face masks are powdered. That means that you make them fresh each time you use them by adding water, or by personalising them for your skins needs. You could add apple cider vinegar (for pimples), yogurt (for extra nourishment), honey or facial oil (for a moisturising boost). The list goes on…. you could add mashed up banana, avocado, mango for an extra special nourishing boost.

So, powdered masks mean that you can personalise them to your skin. But there’s more.

By giving you a powdered mask, we are ensuring less product deterioration and maximum potency of the mask when you receive it. There is no water in the product which means no bacterial growth, which means no need for artificial preservatives.

Your mask arrives fresh, potent and ready for you to personalise.

That’s why our masks rock.

Why not give one of our three amazing powdered masks a try, and see if you love them as much as we do?


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