Award winning skincare

BSL - Editor's Choice 2016 500


“From humble beginnings comes great things”

Our Restore facial oil comes from humble beginnings. I designed the formula about 8 years ago when I was selling in local craft markets. Braving draughty church halls and wet farmers market stalls, it was a great way to speak directly to people and get honest opinions as they trialled the products. The number of delighted “ooohs” and “aaaahs” spoke for themselves. I knew it was a winner.

We’ve just won a Beauty Shortlist Award for it, and that takes some doing, as the Editor, Fiona, sifts through 1,000’s of products to find her winning choices. This is what she thought of our winner;

“Liquid therapy-in-a-bottle and a real saviour for sun-damaged, stressed or sleep-deprived skin, Restore’s intelligent, concentrated 5-oil blend with Rosehip, Apricot, Grapeseed, Jojoba and Rose Geranium is a hard-working, omega-rich effective age-defender.
One for the must-try list if you’re 40 or over”
Fiona Klonarides, The Beauty Shortlist

Cue me with delighted “oooh’s” and “aaaah’s” as Restore oil becomes a winner.

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