Introducing our beautiful blossom balm



blossom balm



“Every flower can flourish with fertile soil and water” – Lailah Gifty Akita

Just as a flower blossoms with fertile soil and water, Mallow + White aims to make products that make your skin blossom and look nourished, healthy and radiant.

This beautiful balm is multi-purpose, and can be used as a cleanser by gently massaging it onto your face and wiping off with a face cloth, or as an overnight face mask. It smells glorious, and leaves the skin baby soft and wonderfully moisturised.

As with all of Mallow + White products, we promise 6 ingredients or less for maximum potency and impact.  Our latest product, Blossom Balm is made with just 6 natural ingredients, each one carefully chosen for its cleansing, softening and nourishing properties.

The 6 ingredients in the Blossom Balm are

Apricot kernel oil – is rich in many vitamins, including vitamin E. It is known for its soothing and nourishing properties

Camellia oil – has been used in Japan for centuries for cleansing, conditioning and nourishing. It is packed full of Omega 3 and vitamins A, B, C and E.

 Sunflower oilcontains vitamins A, C and E, which help prevent free radicals from damaging your skin. It is known for its moisturising properties.

Beeswax – has been used in beauty preparations for centuries. It helps soften the skin and provides a protective layer, locking in moisture.

       Lavender and rosemary essential oils – are sweet smelling herbs that have been used since Roman times in skincare. Lavender helps promote the growth of new skin cells, while Rosemary has powerful cleansing properties.

All of the above carefully chosen oils are ones that are loved by bees. Without the bees, these plants would not exist as they rely on them for pollination. This is something that is close to my collaborators heart.  The lovely Amber, from, has a passion for bees.  Her website is designed to raise awareness of the devastating decline of bees all around the world, and includes a range of bee gifts, homeware and natural skincare. 10% of all profits are donated to bee conservation charities. What a worthwhile site to support.

Our Blossom Balm can be found exclusively at

So I would amend the above quote (sorry Lailah Gifty Akita) to say “Every flower can flourish with fertile soil and water.

And bees.”

Award winning skincare

BSL - Editor's Choice 2016 500


“From humble beginnings comes great things”

Our Restore facial oil comes from humble beginnings. I designed the formula about 8 years ago when I was selling in local craft markets. Braving draughty church halls and wet farmers market stalls, it was a great way to speak directly to people and get honest opinions as they trialled the products. The number of delighted “ooohs” and “aaaahs” spoke for themselves. I knew it was a winner.

We’ve just won a Beauty Shortlist Award for it, and that takes some doing, as the Editor, Fiona, sifts through 1,000’s of products to find her winning choices. This is what she thought of our winner;

“Liquid therapy-in-a-bottle and a real saviour for sun-damaged, stressed or sleep-deprived skin, Restore’s intelligent, concentrated 5-oil blend with Rosehip, Apricot, Grapeseed, Jojoba and Rose Geranium is a hard-working, omega-rich effective age-defender.
One for the must-try list if you’re 40 or over”
Fiona Klonarides, The Beauty Shortlist

Cue me with delighted “oooh’s” and “aaaah’s” as Restore oil becomes a winner.

The beauty of facial massage

mallow and white facial oils in row

“Facial massage is like coffee for the skin. Everything comes to life”

Gucci Westman, makeup artist

My oldest regular client, Jean, is 91 years old. She looks fabulous. All her friends tell her so. She tells me that her skin  is transformed through using her facial oil and massaging it in every day. However, you’re never too young to reap the benefits.

The wonderful thing about facial massage is that it is easy to do and can help your face glow, taking the tiredness and sluggishness away. It just takes five minutes in front of the mirror, but boy! you will notice the results.

By stimulating the face muscles with regular massage you help bring oxygen into that area. Not only that, but massage will encourage more blood flow to the area which in turn will help increase collagen production, resulting in a healthy and natural glow to the complexion.

If you fancy giving it a go, here’s how. After cleansing your face at night, use a light facial oil that isn’t going to clog up your skin as you sleep. We recommend the Mallow + White range (obviously).

1. Place 3-4 drops of facial oil onto the palm of your hand, rub your hands together to evenly spread the oil and then you’re ready to work on the sections of your face.

2. Start on the cheeks. Draw big circles using your fingers or knuckles, moving upwards.

3. On one side of the face at a time, rub from the mid-jaw to the cheekbone with long upward strokes, pressing firmly for a moment at the top.

4. Work smile lines with upward strokes, from the corners of the mouth to the corners of the nose.

5. With your fingers, lift and hold both brows to open up the eye area. Rub in a circle around the eye socket out to the temples, eventually expanding to include the forehead.

6. Admire your beautifully glowing face.

Why not give your face a helping hand and be the best that you can possibly be, whatever your age? I know Jean would agree with me.



What’s so great about powdered face masks?

clay photo

“People who search for complicated and expensive remedies generally neglect the most beneficial and simple natural ones.”

Tony de Morais

Mallow + White is all about using the simplicity and power of nature to enhance the beauty of your skin. Simplicity doesn’t have to mean not as good. In fact, it can mean better.

Just take a look at some of the rave reviews we have received for our face masks from well respected independent beauty bloggers. “The best face mask I have ever tried” and “This mask rocks! I love it.”  We’ve also just won a national beauty award for our Restore face mask, which is truly wonderful.  Simplicity really works.

new for 2016 badge Hi res

All of our face masks are powdered. That means that you make them fresh each time you use them by adding water, or by personalising them for your skins needs. You could add apple cider vinegar (for pimples), yogurt (for extra nourishment), honey or facial oil (for a moisturising boost). The list goes on…. you could add mashed up banana, avocado, mango for an extra special nourishing boost.

So, powdered masks mean that you can personalise them to your skin. But there’s more.

By giving you a powdered mask, we are ensuring less product deterioration and maximum potency of the mask when you receive it. There is no water in the product which means no bacterial growth, which means no need for artificial preservatives.

Your mask arrives fresh, potent and ready for you to personalise.

That’s why our masks rock.

Why not give one of our three amazing powdered masks a try, and see if you love them as much as we do?


Why bother with organic?



A customer recently asked me “Do I need to buy organic? Isn’t natural good enough?” I could have reached for my soap box and delivered a long (and quite possibly) tedious rant about the benefits of organic. My lovely customer would have run for the hills.  And who could blame her.

Her question got me thinking. We know organic is meant to be better for us, but do we know specifically why? Here are my three “W”‘s for the wonders of organic.

Firstly, organic products work. A recent study published by the British Journal of Nutrition showed that organic plants are up to a staggering 60 per cent higher in key antioxidants and contain lower levels of toxic heavy metals and pesticides than conventionally grown plants. When using plant oils in products, that has got to be a good thing for your skin.

My second “w” is workers. According to Lou Green, Head of Sustainability at Neal’s Yard Remedies, “organic beauty products are better for workers as no pesticides are used in the growing of the crops. Workers in developing countries often have little or no protective clothing and can be exposed to dangerous chemicals. With organic that’s not the case.”  For me, this is an important difference. I don’t want to feel responsible for any worker being placed in potential danger that could be avoided.

And my final “w” is wildlife. Recent research from the University of Oxford suggests that organic farms have, on average, around a third more species of wildlife and 50% more species of pollinators. To me, this shows how much of a difference we can each make for future generations by supporting organic agriculture and organic beauty.

So, the answer to my lovely customer would be YES! Please buy organic. The products work, they benefit workers and increase wildlife. Win Win Win.


Anti-ageing or celebrating life?


“Life had engraved such beauty in those lines of age and wisdom”

(Rosslyn Elliott)

I love this quote. It sums up to me how we should look at the faces of elderly people. There is great beauty in laughter lines. There is great poignancy in lines of sorrow. I look at this face and I wonder what stories she could tell me, what experiences she could pass on and what wisdom she could share from all of her years on this earth.

Then I look at my parents, both of whom are in their eighties, and thankfully still alive. I look in their faces, filled with love, and I see great beauty alongside the lines. My mother now has Alzheimers, which is a cruel and tragic disease. But those lines tell stories of her life which she might soon start to forget.  They are beautiful. I love the faces of elderly people. I also love the smooth fresh skin of my young daughters. They both have their place and they both should be equally celebrated.

At Mallow + White, we offer a Revitalise facial oil and Revitalise face mask for mature skin, in other words, people over 40. They are not specifically targeted at the anti-aging market. They contain 100% natural organic ingredients to help nourish, hydrate and add a glow to your skin. They are made to help your skin be as good and healthy as it can be. Laughter lines and all.

Wishing you a life filled with laughter.


Why we’re different? 6 ingredients or less



The wonderfully clever Leonardo da Vinci apparently once said “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”. Brilliant. If it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me.

Living a simple lifestyle is something that I aim for but really struggle with. I try to purge our house of junk, but my husband will pick what I have thrown away out of the bin. “You can’t throw this away, it’s precious” he exclaims.  My wardrobe is heaving and the doors have trouble closing.  Something I can’t blame my husband for.

However, when I do simplify my lifestyle in whatever way, I find myself breathing a sigh of relief and it feels as though a burden has been lifted from my shoulders. Less appears to be liberating, and simplicity really works.

This approach is applied to the skincare products I make too. No water in the products means no need to use preservatives. I don’t use fillers, those cheap bulking out ingredients, parabens, sulfates, emulsifiers etc etc. The list could go on and on. Thankfully, for your skin and mine, it doesn’t.

“Beautifully simple ingredients for simply beautiful skin”. That’s what Mallow + White stands for.

My recipes contain a very small number of carefully selected ingredients with amazing properties to bring maximum benefit to your skin. I promise to use no more than 6 ingredients in each product.  Simple.

Another very clever man, Albert Einstein, once said “Out of clutter, find simplicity” Now I must go and de-clutter my wardrobe.



3 tips to help soothe eczema


National Eczema Week starts today.  As a sufferer of occasional flare ups of eczema, this is a subject close to my heart.  Eczema can be stressful and painful, and sometimes I would give very large amounts of money for somebody to come along and take it magically away.  As far as I can tell, there are no magic cures and each case is different, but here are some drug free tips that might help during a flare-up.

1. Get support.  The National Eczema Society ( has a lot of information and is dedicated to helping the lives of those with eczema and their carers. It might be worth a peek.  They have a dedicated helpline, as well as a lot of downloadable factsheets on how to help or control eczema.  and useful links to other organisations.

2. Be aware of the effects of temperature.  According to Allergy UK, cold weather is one of the biggest triggers of eczema. Apparently, we’ve just had our summer, although you wouldn’t have known it.  Winter, however, is when you particularly need to protect your skin with rich moisturising creams.  Also the drying effect of central heating is not helpful, and some people recommend a humidifier to help keep moisture in the air.

3. Remove triggers and irritants.  Dust. The bane of my life.  It’s impossible to remove completely, but regular cleaning and hoovering of carpets and furnishings can help remove dust mites. Note to self. Hoover more.

Everyone is different, but various irritants could be lurking in your cleaning products and toiletries.  I would recommend looking for gentle formulations.   The National Eczema Society suggests

“using concentrated, volatile plant extracts (essential oils) and vegetable oils for their therapeutic properties. Some people may find that anti-inflammatory oils help their skin and that the activation of a different sensory pathway (smell) distracts them from scratching and promotes a sense of calm and well-being”

One of the main reasons I started my near-obsessive mixing and making of products was to help soothe my irritated skin. I love every part of researching ingredients, concocting recipes and trialling the end product.  But the bit I love best?  Seeing how these natural products have helped others with sensitive skins, and receiving enthusiastic praise and a loyal band of followers who swear by these products.

The Mallow + White Soothe range of facial oil and face mask have been carefully formulated to help.

The blends are very simply made with 6 ingredient or less, and each ingredient is specifically chosen to help soothe irritated and sensitive skin. I know they help soothe my eczema flare ups. I do hope they are helpful for you too.

With love


Why Mallow + White is different? 1. We’re handmade with love.



There is something very special about being given a gift that is handmade with love.  Each handmade item is about people and not machines. It is about the time and effort that goes into each piece of work, it is about the skill of each maker, and the magic of an individual’s imagination.

Handmade gifts are the things I treasure most. If my house was to burn down tomorrow, it would be my two daughters (often strange looking) cards and presents that I would rush to save.  Everything else can be replaced.

At Mallow + White, all of the products are handmade with abundant amounts of love. Every recipe has been carefully researched with so much care. Every batch has been mixed with joy. Every bottle and jar is filled with the hope that it will bring blessing to the one who uses it.

Mallow + White doesn’t work from a large impersonal factory, but in the private workshop in my garden surrounded by trees, lavender bushes and roses.  My gorgeously loyal dog, Tango, sits outside the workshop on guard while I work and welcomes me when I come out rejoicing at another batch made.

Why don’t you take a peek at the products that are made in my little workshop?  Why not decide to treasure a little bottle of Mallow + White, handmade for you with love.






Introducing the marvellous mallow, our namesake.



It’s that time of year when all of the flowers are looking fabulous and bees are going crazy stocking up their hives.


We have some neighbours at the end of our road who own some fabulous mallow plants in their front garden. They are super hardy and seem to flower all summer. I want one.


Not least because Mallow + White is named after this beautiful plant. I hadn’t realised until today that the Greeks and Romans ate the mallow plant in huge quantities as a vegetable.


Whilst I can’t see that catching on, the mallow has other wonderful properties. The name derives from the Latin Malva which means soft, or capable of softening.


It is a fabulous healing plant, from pimples to varicose veins. It is soothing for inflammations, sores, psoriasis, boils and bites and is very rich in vitamins. A, B, C and E. You can make softening facial tonics from it by boiling the leaves or flowers. It is basically a soothing, healing and softening power house.


At the moment, we use the dried root in our Soothe face mask. It certainly works on my ridiculously super sensitive skin.


When I next run out of vegetables, I might just go and knock on the neighbour’s door and ask for a few leaves to boil.


With love,